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Our Company


Financial Planning and Information Services, Inc. (FPIS, Inc.) was established in 1985 with a passion for honest and accurate financial planning and investing strategies. At the time, many financial firms pushed products, or accepted commissions. Unlike those financial firms, FPIS, Inc. charged fees for the efforts of recommending no-load, low cost investment vehicles. This in our opinion provides the best value for the client. Today, the business continues to grow through referrals and remains true to the same philosophy and goals that were established in the mid 80’s. FPIS, Inc. operates on the belief that it is important to develop long-term relationships through services that go beyond simply selling products.


Individuals and families that work with FPIS, Inc. can expect to be indulged in a holistic approach to their wealth strategy. FPIS, Inc. does not sell commission-based products but believes that a fee-only approach is the best solution for most individuals and holds the clients’ interest first. Clients of FPIS, Inc. learn that family-oriented wealth management has a greater impact on the overall value of multi-generational planning. FPIS, Inc. focuses on the development of different phases of a clients’ life and adapts to any change that occurs. The result is a long-term relationship with professionals that understand how each client ticks and can provide highly skilled services to better guide clients through the triumphs and challenges of the various life cycle phases.

Mission Statement

At Financial Planning and Information Services, Inc. it is our fiduciary responsibility to place the clients’ interest first. We take pride in our long-lasting relationships and provide peace of mind through financial direction and prosperity.

Core Values

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Family oriented

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