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Lon Mishler

Founder & Director

About Me

The threads that comprise the fabric of my life include teacher, advisor, financial planner, economist, and most important, husband and father.  I am the product of a conservative, hard-working middle class family in a small Iowa community.  I was the first in my family to attend college and I developed an interest in economics and personal finance early in my studies.  After graduation, I taught economics for a couple years before joining the US Air Force during the Vietnam era.  I worked in the military pay division, primarily assisting transfer-ins with their finances.  After my discharge, I worked as a loan officer for a consumer finance company before continuing my economics education.  For 22 years, I taught various subjects within the finance division of Northeast Wisconsin Technical College before leaving to work full-time in the investment advisory business I began in the 1980s. Other interests and activities included serving as the Chairman of the Wisconsin Teachers Retirement Board, writing a textbook about credit management, providing debt counseling services, testifying as a forensic economist, and conducting training sessions for bankers and employees of corporations.  The financial planning business grew from a willingness to help others with their financial lives and prospered through referrals from our clients.


I graduated in June of 1969 with a bachelors degree in Economics from Cornell College in Iowa with honors in my major field.  I graduated in 1976 from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh with a masters degree in economics and in 1985 completed the Certified Financial Planner program the College for Financial Planning.  I am a member of Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Wisconsin and Florida.

Role in the Firm

I am founder & director of Financial Planning and Information Services, Inc.  Duties include overseeing the overall operations of the firm and helping my partners improve client services and investment results.

Outside of Work

My wife and I spend the winter months in Parrish, Florida.  During the summer, we live at Kelly Lake in Oconto County Wisconsin where we often entertain friends and family.  Our two children both married partners they met at the lake, so we are well acquainted with the in-laws.  We see our four grandchildren often and love experiencing the Wisconsin life.  We have been truly blessed.