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Keshawn Henning

Financial Planning Assistant

About Me

I have lived in over 8 locations around Wisconsin and Alabama combined, but I have spent most of my life within the comfort of the Fox Valley. I was not like most kids (as my mom would say) and I spent a majority of my time taking all my toys apart and resembling them together into new configurations and functions. I was fascinated on how things worked and operated, and I wouldn’t stop until I exhausted all options. This soon led me on a path in which I wanted to pursue a career in engineering, but once I left for college, I found that my interests shifted to craving an understanding for wealth management and tax applications. During my sophomore year of college, I was given an opportunity to be an intern at FPIS, Inc. Through working with FPIS my curiosity still stands, but instead of understanding how my toys operate, my interests shifted to understanding the interpersonal relationship component of wealth management and how to structure financial and tax plans that are uniquely beneficial for each client.


I graduated from St. Norbert College in 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an Associate’s degree in Mathematics.

Role in the Firm

My position is very dynamic within the firm in that I have the capability to float between both financial planning components and tax planning components. Currently, my main position involves tax planning and preparation, software implementation, and client onboarding. I also assist with additional projects that need attention.

Outside of Work

 I am a very get up and go person, I love to be very active whether that be spending time in the gym or being outside on a hike. Self-care is very important to me and focusing on mental and physical health allows me to balance work and life. I love to work with my hands so when I’m not crunching numbers at work, I love wood working. On the weekends, you will see me spending a lot of time with my friends in a social setting or traveling to new and unique locations around Wisconsin. When I’m not with friends, I enjoy spending time with my family.