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Gayle Begotka

Client Relations Specialist

About Me

I grew up traveling the states as my father was in the army.  We moved here in 1980 and I have not left the De Pere / Green Bay area since.  I am married and have two daughters in high school, so my life is busy!  I worked in customer service at Humana for 8 years and in the IT department for 3 years.  I have a strong investment in improving processes and integrating technology where it makes sense.


I have an Associate degree in Marketing.

Role in the Firm

I am an administrative assistant and the face that you see when you walk in the door! Greeting clients and answering the phones is my main duty, along with making sure client information is current and accurate and files are in good order so that the advisors have the proper information.

Outside of Work

With my daughters both in high school (one a freshman, one a senior), I feel like I am going in two different directions.  My husband and I are very involved in our church and various ministries that support our parish.  My hobbies include pilates, gardening, walking, and getting together with the neighbors for some social time on the weekends.