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Retirement Analysis and Planning

Guiding you toward a long retirement

Retirement Analysis and Planning

We assist clients with retirement planning by reviewing the balance between needs and resources.  Accurate analysis requires careful consideration of cash flow needs, lifestyle changes, and goals for a successful retirement.

We can run different scenarios with varying assumptions about spending, inflation, investment growth, and longevity.  We help establish appropriate withdrawal strategies for retirement and help with important decisions related to retirement planning:

• Funding accounts pre-retirement to create income sources in retirement
• Consolidating accounts to simplify your retirement life
• Actively involving your employer sponsored 401k or 403b
• Analyzing company pension plans and assistance in electing payout options
• Determining appropriate withdrawal amounts in retirement
• Discussing life insurance and long-term care insurance
• Suggesting when to collect Social Security
• Helping clients make the transition from being a saver to becoming a spender

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