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Financial Planning & Information Services, Inc.

Financial Planning and Information Services, Inc. (FPIS, Inc.) was established in 1985 by Lon Mishler.  Lon was a finance instructor at Northwest Technical College in Green Bay, Wisconsin who had developed a passion for personal financial planning and investments.  Throughout the years, friends and co-workers would stop by Lon’s office and ask him financial related questions knowing they would receive honest, accurate answers.  As the number of questions increased, some offered to pay him so Lon incorporated the business in 1986.  He was philosophically opposed to selling products, or accepting commissions, and, instead, charged fees for his efforts recommending no-load, low cost investment vehicles.  This fee-only approach is generally viewed as the best solution for most individuals.  Through referrals from existing clients, the business quietly achieved continuous growth from an expanding, loyal client base.  In early 2000, Lon took an early retirement from teaching to work in the business full-time.

The business continues to grow through referrals and remains true to the same philosophy and goals that Lon established in the mid 80’s.  FPIS, Inc. has been a fee-only advisory firm from the beginning based on the belief of its founder that selling products was not in the best interest of the client.  Collecting commissions often results in higher costs and, more importantly, discourages portfolio adjustments after the initial sale. We believe it is important to develop long-term relationships through services that go beyond simply selling products.

Our Mission

As an SEC registered fee-only investment advisory firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to place the clients’ interests first.
This is a high standard that, in our opinion, should be required of any financial planning firm or investment advisor.

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